The Man Who Made My Bicycle: Bruce Gordon

June 3rd, 2015 by David

This past weekend Lindsey and I took a bus to Petaluma and then biked back to San Francisco over the next two days, enjoying a lazy 40-mile-per-day bike tour.

In Petaluma, before we started our ride, we stopped by Bruce Gordon Cycles. A little over twelve years ago, Bruce welded together del Fuego, a bike that I have since ridden from California to Argentina, Turkey to Myanmar, and across the U.S. twice. All told, I’ve traversed more than 32,000 miles on the frame (every other part of the bike, except the racks, has been replaced).

Bruce makes very nice bicycles (del Fuego was a graduation gift from my Dad — I wouldn’t have gotten such a nice bike otherwise). At Bruce’s store, he showed me a number of show bikes that he’s made over the years.

You can also see pictures from Lindsey’s and my weekend tour here.

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