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Name that Book

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I was planning to name my book The Bicycle Diaries, but sadly, David Bryne has just published a book with that title, so I am searching for a new title. I had to add an “annotation” to the promotional video I just made for my book.

I’ve decided that a core theme of my book is the connections that I’m able to make with people living along the road. Through being vulnerable on a bike and traveling without a windshield, I was able to meet countless people and be invited into their houses. I stayed at well over a hundred different people’s homes during my two years of travel. A friend who read my book said that one of the main messages of the book was about the “basic goodness of humanity.”

On a larger level, I am saying how we are all connected–in this global age, what we do at one end of the world affects people at the far end of the Earth. Through my journey, I physically connected people by bicycling from one house to the next, and I made personal connections by sharing meals or homes.

I want a title that somehow emphasizes these connections and our shared humanity, but of course which does so poetically and subtlety. Maybe it will use the word “chain” to also reference a bicycle. Or “links.” Perhaps something about linking us to the far end of the earth, maybe using the island Tierra del Fuego in the title. Maybe something like “Links to del Fuego,” as I like the idea of linking us to the far end of the Earth, and my bike’s name was “del Fuego.”

The subtitle would still be “A 21,000-Mile Ride for the Climate.”

I’m probably violating some writing ethic by posting a request for book titles, but groups of people usually have better ideas than individuals. Send me an email at david AT rideforclimate DOT com, or post a comment! If you propose the winning title, you will get some type of prize, to be determined.

And here’s the video I talked about before:

Welcome to the new

Friday, August 21st, 2009

Welcome to the new! I have recently combined the old “Ride for Climate The Americas” and “Ride for Climate USA” into this one site.

I have spent much of the past two years working on a book about my (and Bill’s) 21,000 miles journey. You can read the book’s introduction here, but I also recommend poking through the blog entries from the trips. Use the sidebar on the right to explore entries for the trip from California to Argentina and the ride from Massachusetts to California.

Check this blog for news on the book (title still to be determined) and other climate or bicycle related musings.