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Ten Tips for Biking Eastern Europe

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Drawing on about two hours of footage from our bike trip in Eastern Europe, we made this six minute video offering “Ten Tips” for biking in Eastern Europe. We made it to submit to the Filmed by Bike film festival.

This is the first bike trip where I took video footage throughout with the intent of making such a movie. Once I accumulated all the footage, I wasn’t sure what type of movie to put together. It wasn’t very easy to talk about climate with the videos we had, so I decided to do a non-climate movie. I tried an earlier version of the film where I shared more about the history of Bosnia, which Lindsey and I spent a long time trying to understand. Ultimately, though, we just decided to just go with a more general film about bike touring in the region.

A special thanks to Peter Mulvey and Sean Staples for letting us use their music!

Krakow, Poland to Dubrovnik Croatia

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

I recently combined all of the GPS files from our ~1000-mile 26-day bike trip this past summer and uploaded them into Google Earth. The result is a path that you can “fly over” and follow. Google Earth also allowed me to plot an elevation profile of the trip.

Unsurprisingly, our favorite parts are almost exactly correlated with the hilliest sections–the Tatras mountains of Slovakia at the beginning of our journey, and the many mountains of Bosnia at the end.

You can download the KML file from our trip here and plot it yourself on Google Earth. I took a screen capture video of the route, which you can see below.