We Interviewed People. We Have No Idea What They Said.

November 1st, 2014 by David

Help us translate!

As we bike across China, we’ve been interviewing people about whether they think the climate has changed. We do this by showing them a sheet that has questions written in Chinese (“Are winters warmer or colder than when you were a child?” “Are summers warmer or colder than they used to be?” “Is there more or less rain than when you were a child?” “Have these changes affected you? Have they affected people in your community?” and so on) and filming their responses.

Now we have a number of videos – but we have no idea what people said to us.

We’ve uploaded most of these videos below. If you speak Chinese, we could use your help translating them! We are very curious what people said.

Restaurant Before Great Wall
Before Great Wall
Town Long Day
Getting Dark Village
Elderly Men
Town Store
Carrot Farmers
Day 3 Bautou
Day After Baotou
Baotou 2
Baotou 1
China Post
With Yankee

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