David Kroodsma bicycled solo from California to the tip of South America and then joined Bill Bradlee to bike from Massachusetts to California. Through this project, David covered 21,000 miles, appeared in more than 70 media outlets, and gave well over a hundred presentations on climate change at schools and community centers across sixteen countries. Before Ride for Climate, David was employed by the Carnegie Institution of Washington's Department of Global Ecology, where he worked on the Jasper Ridge Global Change Experiment, which attempts to discern the effects of climate change on grassland ecosystems in California. Before working for the Carnegie Institute, David attended Stanford University, where he studied physics as an undergraduate and then pursued an interdisciplinary masters degree in Earth Systems, studying climate change and, in particular, how carbon dioxide cycles through the biosphere. He blogs for the Huffington Post. Email: david AT rideforclimate DOT com

Bill Bradlee bicycled from Massachusetts to California with David in the second leg of Ride for Climate. He works in the nonprofit community teaching people how to have a voice in making environmental policy. Bill's passion is helping people understand environmental issues so that they can make changes that will create a healthy environment for current and future generations. Bill is a managing director at The Regeneration Project, which helps people of faith address global warming by conserving energy, becoming more energy efficient, and using renewable energy. Bill has also worked for The Union of Concerned Scientists. He received his Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College. Email: bill AT rideforclimate DOT com


Melissa Borsting is a forest ecologist working on restoration of Pacific Northwest forests. She currently lives in North Bend, Washington.

Michelle Lee is a user interface designer for Google who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Alan Duke is a graphic designer and photographer currently living in Santa Monica, California.

Angella Holmes is a social worker in the central coast region of California.

Jennifer Molfetta received her Master's degree in Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College. She currently works in the computer field in Reading, PA and volunteers for many environmental and social non-profits.

Nicky Phear is a member of the faculty at the University of Montana. She leads a summer course in which students bicycle across Montana to learn about energy production and climate change.

Martha Roberts is an environmental economist who studies land management and climate issues in Colorado for Environmental Defense. She has her B.S. and M.S. in Earth Systems from Stanford University.